The Number of the Beast

Departure Time: 7:17
Arrival Time: 8:01
Weather as I call it: Partly sunny...50's
Paper Guy: Shades and light coat...looking good...I think he got a haircut.
Shady Gas Price: $2.95
Yelled at other drivers: Yeah...
Feared for my life: No


In town, I met up with an arch-nemesis of mine...well, she wasn't given arch-nemesis status until today...

Now, I have seen this lady before...but she hasn't done anything too crazy to make the blog in the past...

No matter--she makes the blog today not because of one over-the-top dumb thing...but due to the fact that her breadth of work needs to be recognized...I am conscious of her now because her poor driving is consistent. I have definitely encountered this woman about three times in the past. I have come to this realization because her behavior today jogged my memory...Her driving performance is so distinct; there is no question I have been behind her before.

She drives a black SUV (natch) with stickers on the back that display her daughters' names (I suspect) and their affiliation to some school's cheerleading squad...

She likes to pull grand U-Turns right in front of people...it's amazing the turning radius she has...but she goes from a double parked position on the opposite side of the street to turning her SUV around 180 degrees right across the double yellow lines and keeps on driving as if it was a perfectly normal maneuver.

After you get behind her, it's slow going, she slides from one side of the lane to another, she hesitates at green light...she's annoying.

So, hats off to you...Lady friend. May our next encounter be many months from now.


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