Wake Up!

Fun Columbus Day ride on the Orange Line today.

I was sitting next to a woman who was pushing against my right side. I wasn't too sure why this was happening. I wasn't wearing any Axe bodyspray.

Soon, she stood up between the Community College and North Station stops. I was thinking she was getting ready to depart but she surprised me and sat down in an empty seat across from me. I wasn't too sure why this was happening. I did shower this morning.

Two stops later I understood why this woman was acting the way she was. There was a guy who was falling asleep...literally. When the train pulled into State, the guy toppled like a Redwood in an Oregon forest. His head barely missed my shoulder. The fall woke him up for a second, in which he held out his hand to motion an apology.

The next few stops were an adventure because he continued to wobble with each movement of the train. Finally, he moved over to the corner seat and was able to lead against the wall.

Dude, wake up.

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Don M. said...

What's funny about your blog is that I could have written it myself. I take the O line every day and have been taking the T to work for years. I think everyone who has taken the T at some point can resonate with any of these stories. Funny stuff.