Singing Conductors Bus Detour Pennant Waving

A few notes from the world of commuting to work.

Yesterday there was a woman conductor on the Orange Line who was "singing" out the stop names. Well, she wasn't totally in full-on song mode, but each stop name and connection information she broadcasted over the intercom had a tuneful lilt to it. She could be the next MBTA idol.

I like that you can now put the word "idol" on the end of any organization, and somehow it means you could be the winner of that organization's singing competition.

Today the road that leads to Malden station was being paved, so the bus had to take a scenic tour around, up, and through Malden Square to get to the T station.

The woman who was sitting next to me was reading a book. When she noticed we were not stopping at the station, she looked around and exclaimed, "What the hell happened?"

I told her we were detoured and she shook her head. You could see panic in her face and she was reaching for the stop signal...muttering something like, "Well I'll just get off here."

I could see in her face that she started to slowly understand that we were going to end up at the station eventually.

She reassured me that we were indeed heading towards the T station, which I never doubted but was pleased that she wanted to comfort me.

She then started to sing a little song to herself. More singing on the T...sweet.

When I got to Back Bay, I noticed the red flags and a big 2007 American League pennant waving from the top of the old Hancock Tower. Check it out if you can.

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