Orange Line Disruption

Good story.

I got to the bus just in time to catch my bus. It came on time for once and I thought it was a sign that the commute was gonna be sweeeeet.

Not so fast there, kiddo.

I walk into Malden Center and there is a woman talking into a C.B. radio-looking microphone (I'm totally dating myself, but I don't care. Hey, it's true. I remember the 70s!). I couldn't hear what she was saying because she was broadcasting through speakers that were situated on the platform above.

I walked up the stairs, took my normal stance on the platform, and awaited her message.

"We are shuttling passengers from Haymarket to Back Bay Station," she kept repeating as if it was some sort of transportation mantra.

Many people looked bewildered. Others appeared angry. I shrugged my shoulders and came up with the solution that I would be able to pick up the Green Line at North Station and not concern myself with this shutttle bus nonsense.

The Orange Line came shortly after her announcement. The ride was delayed many times; at stations and between stations. The conductor on the train reiterated the shuttle bus plan and made it clear that Haymarket was going to be the last stop. He also told us the reason for this disruption of service.

"There is a damaged work vehicle stuck between Haymarket and Back Bay."

One person offered a simple solution in response: "Well, move it," he said.

Maybe it was just that simple. Maybe the T didn't think of that.....

When we finally got to North Station, many people had the same idea as me. Chance would have it that an empty "E" line train was waiting for us as the doors opened. Suddenly, it was if the starting gun of the marathon has been fired. People started to run...I mean sprint...for the train. I decided to wait. Heck, I had waited this long, why try to hurry it up now?

A "C" line came right after it. It was slow as ever...but I finally got to Copley.

I couldn't pass up this report.

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