It's hard to retire a blog. I just logged into my blogger account for the first time since earlier this week and I found two comments that people had left that were very complimentary. It warms my li'l heart.

I saw so many Red Sox caps on people's heads today...and on people I wouldn't expect like Graphic Novel Reading Guy and Business Man #4. These are just nicknames I have given some of the regulars who share my commute.

In Boston, we don't have much that unifies us...but we have the Sox. For me, that's just fine.

From reading my comments, maybe another unifying force is a collective annoyance for the MBTA. Meh, I'd rather root for the Sox.

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Don M. said...

I like your rants mostly because I'm ranting about the same things (as a long T rider).

I keep my sports separate from my rants though: