32 Minutes Long

Departure Time: 7:12
Arrival Time: 7:44
Weather as I call it: Clear skies, around the freezing mark.
Paper Guy: Scarf around the neck.
Shady Gas Price: $2.29
Yelled at other drivers: Nah
Feared for my life: Felt good!


When I drove by Paper Guy, I think we had a moment...ish. Since there were very few cars on the road this morning, I approached him at a pretty steady clip. I turned to look at him while I was passing. He looked up and I think we made eye contact although it was hard to tell because he was wearing his shades.

I felt a twinge of sadness as I left him standing there. He doesn't make many sales on days like these...or so I assume. Don't fret Paper Guy! Come January 2nd the traffic will be back.

I tried to get my duration under 30 minutes...missed it by 3 minutes. I hit one too many stop lights.

I saw an old guy walking two dalmations along the Charles today. Here's a cute dog picture:


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