Last Post of 2007

Hiya. Let's list the haps today.

I walked out of my house and saw the bus fly by my stop at 6:55. What the hell? Bus, you are always late or at the very least on time. You are never early. What gives?

Once I was on the bus, some guy at the next stop got on and paid his fare. After he got his Charlie Ticket back, he lifted it above his head and told everyone, "That's the last time I will use this thing." Not sure if he was getting a Charlie Card or excited he was never going to have to ride the bus again.

On the Orange Line, there was a pretty intoxicated guy talking to everyone. Thankfully, he got off at Sullivan Square.

Here's to 2008.


Vomit at Back Bay Station

Hey, howdy there peeps. It's yer old pal blogging again. I saw something this morning and I need to tell the whole world. Yeah, really.

Someone got sick on the Back Bay Orange Line T platform. I did not see the person that got sick, but I did see what they left behind.

It was chunky. It was pink. It covered a 16 inch diameter on the platform floor.

Thankfully it was closer to the Inbound side. I saw it but did not have to step in it.

Now you know the most exciting part of my commute today.


He Hates The Loop

I saw something curious on the Orange Line this morning. There was a dude who took his aggression out on an inanimate object. Let me set up the scene:

This guy got on at North Station and he pushed his way into the middle of the car where I was standing.

For some reason, the metal bars on the train...you know the ones...you hold on to them if you have to stand...well, nowadays they have these rubber loops on them...maybe three to a bar or so. They are sorta old timey and I find them annoying since I have hit my head on them a few times after I have stood up from sitting right underneath them.

This dude stood right next to me and attacked the loop. He struck at it. He punched it a few times. It was weird.

Then he flipped it upside down so that the loop pointed towards the ceiling rather than the floor. Again, strange...

He got a seat a few stops later while I continued to stand.

Because I was feeling a bit saucy today...blame the holidays...I turned the loop back right side down. I don't think he noticed. Too bad. I was wondering if he would turn his aggression towards me and not a poor, defenseless rubber loop.


Too Much Snow

Not enough shoveling.

I waited for the bus standing on the street. The snow bank did not seem like a safe place to stand. I didn't want to fall under somebody's tires.

The Orange Line was not prompt. We all waited on the platform as the winds blew. Many people turned their backs to the tracks...not sure if it was to keep warm or if it was a silent protest about the delay.

Even though the train took a long time to get to Malden, there were many delays on the line. What were we waiting for?


Dog Barking Bus Stop

On my walk to the bus stop, I encountered a dog. It had no leash. It had no owner in sight.

It made eye contact with me and then proceeded to bark at me as I continued my journey to the bus stop.

Once I arrived, the dog stood next to me and barked at me...and barked at me.

I started to ask the dog questions.

"Why are you barking at me?"

"Who is your owner?"

"Where is your home?"

The dog didn't answer. He kept barking at me.

I decided to ignore the dog as best I could.

It wasn't until Mike came to the stop did the dog run away.

I guess I am not that intimidating. Quite a bizarre start to the morning and I am not sure what to make of it.


Dunkin Donuts Couple

Do you ever get on the T and get involuntarily involved in a couple's argument?

Sometimes that happen.

This morning, there was a couple on the platform and they were nosily bickering with each other. They were complaining about their Dunkin' Donuts order and whose fault it was for the messed up order they received.

When they got on the train, they still talking loudly about how late they were and if they were given the right change back from the D+D cashier.

They took up three seats: Two for them, one for their food.

Thankfully, they did give up their food seat as more people entered the train.

Then, I didn't hear them for a while. Not sure if they stopped talking, or if the heavy coats of others standing around them insulated me from their noise.

As we got closer to Back Bay, the crowds thinned out and they were back talking again. Not sure they ever stopped.


Slushing To Work

Ah yes, the first measurable snowfall of the season...always makes things interesting.

Here's a good thing about taking public transportation. I don't have to deal with the people who are driving and act like they have never seen snow before.

I always disliked driving in this stuff. This morning was easy compared to getting there by car.

My heart goes out to my driving friends.