Dunkin Donuts Couple

Do you ever get on the T and get involuntarily involved in a couple's argument?

Sometimes that happen.

This morning, there was a couple on the platform and they were nosily bickering with each other. They were complaining about their Dunkin' Donuts order and whose fault it was for the messed up order they received.

When they got on the train, they still talking loudly about how late they were and if they were given the right change back from the D+D cashier.

They took up three seats: Two for them, one for their food.

Thankfully, they did give up their food seat as more people entered the train.

Then, I didn't hear them for a while. Not sure if they stopped talking, or if the heavy coats of others standing around them insulated me from their noise.

As we got closer to Back Bay, the crowds thinned out and they were back talking again. Not sure they ever stopped.

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