He Hates The Loop

I saw something curious on the Orange Line this morning. There was a dude who took his aggression out on an inanimate object. Let me set up the scene:

This guy got on at North Station and he pushed his way into the middle of the car where I was standing.

For some reason, the metal bars on the train...you know the ones...you hold on to them if you have to stand...well, nowadays they have these rubber loops on them...maybe three to a bar or so. They are sorta old timey and I find them annoying since I have hit my head on them a few times after I have stood up from sitting right underneath them.

This dude stood right next to me and attacked the loop. He struck at it. He punched it a few times. It was weird.

Then he flipped it upside down so that the loop pointed towards the ceiling rather than the floor. Again, strange...

He got a seat a few stops later while I continued to stand.

Because I was feeling a bit saucy today...blame the holidays...I turned the loop back right side down. I don't think he noticed. Too bad. I was wondering if he would turn his aggression towards me and not a poor, defenseless rubber loop.

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Don M. said...

Glad I'm not the only O-Line rider who hates the annoying grey loops. I like watching short guys trying to grab at them like they are gymnasts.