Dog Barking Bus Stop

On my walk to the bus stop, I encountered a dog. It had no leash. It had no owner in sight.

It made eye contact with me and then proceeded to bark at me as I continued my journey to the bus stop.

Once I arrived, the dog stood next to me and barked at me...and barked at me.

I started to ask the dog questions.

"Why are you barking at me?"

"Who is your owner?"

"Where is your home?"

The dog didn't answer. He kept barking at me.

I decided to ignore the dog as best I could.

It wasn't until Mike came to the stop did the dog run away.

I guess I am not that intimidating. Quite a bizarre start to the morning and I am not sure what to make of it.

1 comment:

Fornya said...

He waned some of your Dunkin Donuts coffee.