Backwards Train

I arrived at the train station around the regular time. As I walked up the ramp to the platform, the purple lights started to flash to signal that there was a train approaching the station. I crossed the tracks quickly to get to the other side but went along my business. It's not typical for a train to come outbound to Lowell at that time, so I guessed it was a late train. I looked down and walked to stand in my usual spot. Once I arrived, I looked up and was surprised that the train was on the inbound side. I didn't know that the train was actually the train to Boston until people started to get on board. Not sure why the train arrived when it did or in the manner that it did, but we left N. Billerica, made all the normal stops, and got to Boston late. The woman next to me asked me if I knew what happened. I told her I didn't.


Departure Time From Home: 6:37
Departure Time From Train Station: 7:00
Arrival Time at North Station: 7:53
Weather as I call it: Light rain. I brought an umbrella but didn't need it.
Shady Gas Price: $3.69
Level of commute annoyance (scale of 1 to 10): 3
Feared for my life: No

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