Friday September 30, 2005

Departure Time: 7:29
Arrival Time: 8:18
Yelled: Once. If you recognize someone who is walking on the sidewalk, please don't call them over when the light turns green.
Weather: Cool. 51 degrees, mostly sunny skies
Paper Guy: Shades and vest
Shady Gas Price: $2.79

Have a good weekend...see you Monday....


Thursday September 29, 2005

Well, I drove my wife to work today so I didn't see the normal stuff....but...

  • Doncha just love small accidents that happen right in the middle of 93?
  • Doncha just love driving fast in the HOV lane?
  • Doncha just love laughing at the people who are pulled over by state cops because they are a vehicle with a single occupant driving in the HOV lane?
  • Doncha just love thinking about the traffic problems the Big Dig has caused instead of the ones it has solved?

Departure Time: 7:30

Arrival Time: 8:39


Wednesday September 28, 2005

Departure Time: 7:26
Arrival Time: 8:15
Same as yesterday...pretty good!
Weather: Sunny and clear skies...a little colder than yesterday.
Paper Guy: It must be blue vest weather. He was wearing it with the shades.
Shady Gas Price: $2.71 No effects from Rita yet(?)
Yelled and Beeped at someone: Once. Some people in town do not like to stop at intersections when they are turning right. I hate that. I let them know they need to stop....I like to hold up my hand like a traffic cop after I make eye contact.

Tip of the day: When you are traveling west on Soldiers Field road, right after the intersection with Arsenal St. (Traffic is actually diverted underneath the intersection), make sure you are in the right lane. There is always one or two cars that need to turn left to get into the Acura dealership. If you get caught behind them in the left lane, you will be there for a while....Take it from me, I realized at the last minute "wha' happened" and then I was stuck. whaa.


Tuesday September 27, 2005

Departure Time: 7:26
Arrival Time: 8:15
Weather: Crisp and sunny
Paper Guy: Same outfit as yesterday...odd.
Shady Gas Price: Holding steady at $2.71

Old Red Dodge Caravans and white school vans should stay off Storrow Drive. I didn't yell at anybody today, but I did raise my right hand up once, gesturing and communicating my disbelief of the red caravan's 28 miles per hour traveling speed in the right lane near the Arthur Fiedler footbridge.


Monday September 26th, 2005

Departure Time: 7:32
Arrival Time: 8:21
Paper Guy: Wearing a blue vest.
Weather: Cloudy...60 degrees...Autumn weather is on its way...
Shady Gas Price: 2.71

Paper Guy has some friendly customers...he makes a big deal talking to them, lots of waves and 0ther friendly hand gestures while the transaction goes down. It's hard to observe everything he does since eye contact usually signals a paper sale...I usually don't have 50 cents for a Herald.


Friday September 23, 2005

I have the day off. I post here in my living room in my underwear. How 'bout cha? Back to the drive Monday.


Thursday September 22, 2005

Departure Time: 7:31
Arrival Time: 8:34
Weather: Sunny 72 degrees....is this California or what?
Paper guy: Same outfit as yesterday....except the sunglasses were replaced by prescription glasses. Weird...
Shady Gas Price: $2.75...I guess I overestimated that $2.69 quote. I blame Hurricane Rita.

Left a little late today...and I took Memorial Drive instead of Storrow Drive. I wish they would fix the Leverett Circle intersection...


Wednesday September 21, 2005

Departure time: 7:29
Arrival time: 8:28 (ooof.)
Weather: Clear skies...72 degrees.
Newspaper guy: Shades and a blue V-neck sweater.
Shady Gas Price: ---- I didn't see it today...but I bet you it was $2.69

Number of times I yelled at people: 3 or so. I had coffee today...I actually shouted, "You are the world's worst driver!"


Tuesday September 20th, 2005

Departure Time: 7:27
Arrival Time: 8:18
Shady Gas Price: $2.75
Newspaper Guy: Wearing "the shades" and a long sleeved blue shirt with a white collar.

Yelled: twice

Feared: once

There is nothing better than the driver of an old Chevy Cavalier who...

  • Stops for no reason
  • Drives 20 under the speed limit
  • Stops at a green light to let children cross...then when the light turns yellow...and then red..decides to turn right illegally. I am glad he was able to get where he was going, though.


Monday September 19th, 2005

Departure Time: 7:26
Arrival Time: 8:20
Weather: Bright, Sunny, 68 degrees or so.
Paper Guy: Inexplicably wearing the same outfit he wore Friday. I wonder about his weather-reporting accuracy.
Shady Gas Price: Didn't see it today.

  • Old school crossing guards should take courses in crossing the street.
  • There's a place in Somerville where you can take pottery classes...It's called Mudville.
  • I saw this woman wearing a Boston Red Sox tee-shirt with the letter "C" emblazoned on the top left part of the shirt. I remember seeing her last October wearing all Red Sox merchandise the day after they had lost the third game of the American League Championship Series to the New York Yankees. When I saw her last year, I thought to myself..."Are you kidding me? How could you wear that stuff when they are about to get swept?" She never lost faith. I did. She was right. I was wrong. Maybe seeing her again is a good sign.


Friday September 16, 2005

This blog will catalog my trips into work everyday. Since this is the first post, I would like to explain some of the recurring themes.

Weather...as interpreted by me and the guy who sells newspapers in Somerville to the drivers waiting for the lights to change.

Number of times I yell at someone.

Number of times I fear for my life.

Departure time

Arrival time

Displayed Gas Prices at shady station

...and my general commments....


Weather: Overcast...a bit misty. Newspaper guy wearing long sleeve button up shirt and sunglasses...somehow.

Yells: Zero

Fears: 2

Departure Time: 7:24ish

Arrival Time: 8:15

Shady Gas Price: $2.84 a gallon

A pretty smooth ride...although most people freak out when it's not bright and sunny.