Friday September 16, 2005

This blog will catalog my trips into work everyday. Since this is the first post, I would like to explain some of the recurring themes.

Weather...as interpreted by me and the guy who sells newspapers in Somerville to the drivers waiting for the lights to change.

Number of times I yell at someone.

Number of times I fear for my life.

Departure time

Arrival time

Displayed Gas Prices at shady station

...and my general commments....


Weather: Overcast...a bit misty. Newspaper guy wearing long sleeve button up shirt and sunglasses...somehow.

Yells: Zero

Fears: 2

Departure Time: 7:24ish

Arrival Time: 8:15

Shady Gas Price: $2.84 a gallon

A pretty smooth ride...although most people freak out when it's not bright and sunny.

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