Monday November 7, 2005

Departure Time: 7:32
Arrival Time: 8:23
Weather as I call it: Mostly cloudy and cool. High around 50 degrees
Paper Guy: Whoa. Black coat. Brown winter hat. New look!
Shady Gas Price: $2.18...I was calling for this price last week...give or take a cent.
Yelled at other drivers: Nope
Feared for my life: A little bit.


1. Big changes in the normal items: Paper guy's brand new wardrobe. Shady Gas Price is at a new low. Good times.

2. Sneezing while driving is pretty scary...but I think I have mastered the ability to get a snapshot of what is happening on the road right before the sneeze forces me to close my eyes. Then when I reopen my eyes, there is less of a surprise...I usually can recover quickly after a sneeze. I wonder if I could master sneezing with my eyes wide open? Would that be 'freak show' unique or what?

3. There was a nearly avoided sideswiping accident on Soldier's Field Road today. Some pickup truck realized he had to exit at Central Square and almost took out a Volkswagen Passat by merging into the right lane without checking his blind spot. After a few horn blasts, the pick up driver swerved back into his lane. I am amazed this sort of collision doesn't happen more often.

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Anonymous said...

i think if you kept your eyes open while sneezing they would pop out like those old school pop guns... just dangling down to your bloody cheeks.