Wedged In At Wedgemere

The conductors were short staffed this morning so that means we have to enter from either the front or the rear of the train. Since I usually get on in the middle, I have to choose. Most times I choose the rear and today was no exception. I was the first one from my middle train group to get on the train. Once I got on, I walked back down the aisle to sit in the car I usually sit in. There was a guy who was taking his time to sit down and I made a little more contact getting by him than I should have if I was being overly polite. I wasn't. I wanted to sit down as soon as I could. I sat down in a small two seater and received a companion at Wedgemere. I was smooshed in my seat for the rest of the ride. Comfortable!


Departure Time From Home: 6:32
Departure Time From Train Station: 7:00
Arrival Time at North Station: 7:42
Weather as I call it: Cold, windy, 20s
Shady Gas Price: $3.62
Level of commute annoyance (scale of 1 to 10): 3
Feared for my life: No

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