Crossing The Street

So one of the major street intersection along my walk to work is the corner of Congress and North St. near Faneuil Hall.

There's always a ton of cars moving through that space and there are some walk signals that you can wait to obey or you can take your chances when you know it's safe to cross (through experience).

The intersection also has a strange feature where the all cross walk signal is delayed 3 or 4 seconds after all the red lights for the cars illuminate. I am sure it is a safety feature as many people blow right through the red light.

It gives me an eerie feeling though. Once all the red lights are on and the cars have stopped, I push on through and start to cross. With the delay, you don't know what's going to happen next.

Are the walk signs going to come on...or are all the green lights going to come on!

AHHHH! Fellow pedestrians - It's a trap!

I sometimes wish that the second scenario would happen - just to keep people on their toes...and for that reason only. I don't wish a massive car smash up/multiple death situation.


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