Mach III

Today was my last bus ride...Today was my last T ride to work...for now at least.

I am changing jobs...Starting on Tuesday, I will be commuting to Lexington from Malden...A car seems to be the best mode of transport...so driving to work the blog will be about driving to work again.

Later on in September, my family will be moving...so the blog will have to change again. The commute will be different.

Stay tuned.

I told Mike, my commuting comrade for the last 18 months, about my changes. He wished me luck. I wished him the same.

It seems weird to be closing this chapter...seems like it came pretty quickly.
I will miss the scenery here in the Back Bay. I will miss the experience of the T...it was always a source of good blog material.

Now we must move forward. See you on the roads on Tuesday.


Bus Departure Time: 7:10
Bus Arrival Time: 7:23
T Departure Time: 7:25
T Arrival Time: 7:46
Weather as I call it: Sunny and pleasant.
Level of commute annoyance (scale of 1 to 10): 0
Feared for my life: Celebrated my life.

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Commute-a-holic said...

Best of luck with your new job and new commute. Looking forward to reading about your next adventures.