Friday February 24, 2006

Departure Time: N/A
Arrival Time: N/A
Weather as I call it: Windy...Sunny though
Paper Guy: N/A
Shady Gas Price: N/A
Yelled at other drivers: Not much
Feared for my life: Nope


High winds!! You could really feel it on the upper deck of the Tobin Bridge today...Being from the Merrimack Valley, I wasn't familiar with the Tobin growing up...I think I was in my 20s when I finally went over it.

Thoughts: I didn't understand how tall the bridge was in my youth...so I found it confusing that people chose to jump off the Tobin to commit suicide, especially since it was above water...Now knowing how tall it really is, water will not soften your fall...no matter how soft the Mystic River is...

Toll Booth operators have become increasingly more friendly in the past few months...it is a bit unsettling.

Let’s hope Paper Guy is back next week...I would hate for him to become a blog footnote...Plus, I have no ideas for a replacement in my daily rundown...


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